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Thin Film RCs & RCDs

Integrated thin film resistor capacitor diode network termination products are built on silicon substrates. USI's thin film resistors, capacitors and diodes are fabricated using proprietary, state-of-the-art thin film technology that offers high performance at very high frequencies in compact QSOP or flip chip assemblies, making them ideal for portable, wireless, compact and high performance end products. These include pure resistor networks, resistor capacitor diode networks with transistor/mosfet  arrays, Schottky diodes, network terminations including customized circuits with transistors for specific applicationS.
The great advantage with this process and these products is that all electrical devices have uniform values and tolerances unlike discrete devices. This reduces manufacturing cost and inventory greatly.
These networks are ideal for high speed / frequency data and communication applications, providing excellent performance, minimizing space and cost. Integrated thin film resistor capacitor diode network processes improve reliability, electrical and mechanical stability and performance at higher frequencies when compared to traditional thick film networks.
Superior performance and reliability is achieved through advanced semiconductor processing techniques that ensure highly uniform thin film material. All products are available in wide and narrow body SOIC, QSOP, TSSOP, Solder bumps and die pack packages. (Tape and Reel)
Thin film nitride depositions are available with LPCVD and PECVD thicknesses from a few hundred Angstroms to several Microns.
While we have standard devices (listed below) Resistor Capacitor values and the circuitry structure can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements.

IsoPower High Voltage Integrated Circuits.   USI utilizes a flexible building block approach that enables development of complete systems-on-a-chip using standard and proven cell libraries. Bipolar, CMOS, DMOS and MEMs can be integrated together, providing tremendous performance and cost benefits. Details are available in the  HVIC's  application page.

 High Voltage

    USH5000 Smart Power technology allows tremendous flexibility for interconnecting circuits operating at up to 500Volts. In addition to high voltage circuitry, 3m 15 volt analog and digital CMOS and bipolar circuitry can be integrated on the same monolithic IC without danger of Latch-Up. Dielectric Isolation processing provides higher breakdown, lower leakages with greater reliability than is possible using other technologies.

  USI's High Voltage IC technology is of particular relevance to obtaining higher competitive performances in areas such as

Aerospace.   Motor and Motion Controls.
Audio Amplifiers   Power Control.
Flat Panel Display Drivers.   Sensors that perform better with higher voltage drivers.
Lighting   Telecommunications.
Medical applications like Ultra Sound and Imaging.   Drivers for all kinds of other applications.

Mixed Signal Semi-Custom ASICs.

   Our US6000 family of CMOS arrays achieve single-chip integration of analog and digital subsystems. These arrays integrate systems which require A/D, D/A and analog signal processing and interface functions. Standard functional blocks are available for designing in sub-circuits such as band gap references, switch capacitor filters, phase lock loops etc.

Standard Products

  Standard products include High Voltage Switches operating at 160 - 500 Volts; Resistor/Capacitor/Schottky Diode Networks with ESD protection of up to 5,000 Volts; 7 bit Flash Converters with operating voltages up to 12 Volts; 68000 interface and peripheral devices and High Speed DMOS Switches.

CMOS Gate Arrays.

   CMOS arrays comprise a family of base wafers with a range of building blocks of circuits that have been tried and tested in silicon. Cuts out design time involved in building these circuits and also the risk of such circuits not working right the first time. Fully characterized circuits, models are available. Reduces system design time significantly. Operating voltage range is from 1 to 20 volts. ISO-CMOS series offer an economical solution for digital applications requiring between 100 and 2400 gates. Our 2, 3 and 5 Micron technology achieves high speed and low power with an operating range of up to 15 volts. These arrays are ideally suited for most 54/74 LS, ACT, HCT applications; and with our ISO-RAD processing, significant levels of radiation tolerance are assured.

 Range of digital and analog blocks are available. These are fast to make. Typically from the time the design is ready it takes a week to convert to silicon.

Applications   Specifications
Controllers of all kinds, power, motion etc.   Building Blocks.
Toys.   Op Amp specifics.
Appliances.   Switching information.
Industrial Systems.   Power requirements.
Power Systems.   Digital gates available.


Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems

Universal Semiconductor offers rugged, miniature, and high sensitivity MEMS process capability for manufacture of sensors, transducers, switches, mirrors, and many diverse special custom designed products that go into wide ranging applications from medical to aerospace.  The MEMS integrated sensor chip can be readily combined with a signal conditioning circuitry chip for amplification, offset compensation, linearity improvement, and temperature compensation. All parameters for amplification, offset compensation, linearity improvement, and temperature compensation are stored in an internal EEPROM. No additional components required, simplifies incorporation in to existing systems.

Micro-Optical Element Solutions

USI Photonics provides state of the art solutions for all your needs in the various Design, Prototyping and Production phases of your micro-optical elements. Email us your specific application questions or inquiries about our specific Micro-Optical capabilities. Design and wafer scale fabrication services include

  • Micro-refractive, diffractive.
  • Hybrid refractive / diffractive.
  • Holographic.
  • Waveguide elements.

We provide extensive design and simulation capabilities, and use custom micro-optics design, simulation as well as EDA tools specifically created to meet the needs of micro-optics. We do the prototyping in-situ on silicon, fused silica, quartz or other wafer materials. Small runs  of several thousand replicas we do on wafers. Quantities in millions can be obtained by plastic injection molding/plastic UV hot embossing which are in the process of being added on to USI repertoire. The fabrication techniques offered in silicon and quartz are:

  • Binary and multilevel phase relief (2,4,8,and 16 levels).
  • Grey scale masking process (analog surface relief)
  • Resist reflow process (micro refractive profiles).


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