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About Universal Semiconductor Inc.,


  Universal Semiconductor Inc is one of the early pioneering semiconductor companies in the world that extended and developed innovative technologies for diverse applications. Its major technological achievement is its unique High Voltage Technologies and Mixed Signal capabilities.

Founded in 1978 in a custom built facility in the heart of the Silicon Valley, our Class 10 Environment facility contains fabrication and production as well as design engineering and testing capability which is focused on providing solutions for wide ranging customer applications in a most reliable and cost effective manner using the most modern and safe practices.

  Our mission is to provide a wide choice of value added design and manufacturing services of ICs to our customers to give them an advantage in time, quality, reliability and cost. This we achieve by means of painstaking quality design, consistently acceptable quality of foundry services and responsive customer service.
  We offer Custom Built single chip IC solutions and tailor them in every area from combining the different technologies on one chip to offering space level processing with special rad-hard options to the exact requirements of our customers. Our activities cover

*   High Voltage,(750V) ASICs
*   Mixed Signal CMOS arrays, and Full Custom ICs.
*   RC & RCD Networks  Thin Film,
*   Bipolar Arrays (Up to 40V)
*   Design and Engineering
*   Testing and Breadboarding,
*   Foundry Services
*  Sensors in Silicon for radiation detection, pressure, flow, temperature, solar and   electromagnetic applications.
*   FETs for microwave, power and other applications.

Further details are provided in the Line-Card.

  USI's list of processes and products include Analog and Mixed Signal ASICs, Mask Programmable Arrays, Schottky Diode Networks, ESD protection ICs, MOSFETs, N-Channel enhancement mode lateral DMOSFETs, IEEE1284 Terminator Networks, EMI Protection ICs, High Voltage ICs, DI Process, 750V ICs, MEMs foundry, CMOS Foundry, MUXes, high performance Op Amps and Comparators, High Voltage Op Amps and Analog switches to name a  few.
  Our customers, represent some of the best names in aerospace and medical technologies.  Our commitment to cost effective circuit and technology integration is confirmed by those who represent the biggest names in consumer  and automotive products. Universal means flexibility. And for Universal, flexibility means an ongoing commitment to offer the best combination of design and technology and meeting each of the customer's needs.  A representative list of major global companies that have availed of USI's technologies and capabilities are:
Alcatel Network Fujitsu (Japan)
Allied Signal Aerospace Honeywell
Apple Computers Lockheed
AT&T Motorola
BEI Teledyne Systems
Bell Industries Texas Instruments
Boeing Aerospace  


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  Mailing Address:   1925 Zanker Road
      San Jose, CA 95112. U.S.A.
  Phone:   (408) 436-1906
  Fax Number:   (408) 436 1125
e Mail techsupport@universalsemiconductor.com    


When you are in the Silicon Valley, you are invited to visit our fab and see our capabilities for yourself.

            We also have an office and a built-up factory site in Bangalore, India.   


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